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Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Lace are classic and magnificent shoes which have boat shoe silhouette to give you eye-catching looks. These shoes can be used for any occasion and with just about any outfit. The premium built quality of these shoes offers long lasting durability. The rich and rugged materials are combined to make these shoes highly durable, comfortable and long lasting. These shoes have Vulcanized construction in which the upper and outsole have been directly attached to make the whole shoe more flexible and durable. The upper has been made from top notch and high quality cotton which offers very comfortable fit and it also offers long lasting wear. The upper offers breathability to keep the interior environment fresh and cool. The upper also has original true moc construction which has been hand sewn to ensure superior perfection. The true moc details offer great looks and it also make these shoes more durable. The upper has 360 degree lacing system which features rustproof eyelets. The lacing system offers secure and customized fit. The slip on construction of these shoes allows you to wear them quickly. These shoes have interior lined with smooth and soft material which wicks off the moisture from your feet to ensure healthy and dry wearing. This lining also hugs your feet nicely and delivers magnificent instep feel. The footbed has been completely cushioned and it has been engineered to contour as per the shape of your feet to give you personalized fit. The footbed also dissipates shocks upon impact and it makes your each step more comfortable. This footbed allows you long wearing without any fatigue or irritation. These shoes have outsole made from non-marking rubber which offers long lasting durability to the high wear areas of the outsole. The outsole also offers flexibility to ensure natural mobility and smoother ride. The outsole also has razor cut wave Siping which provide great grip on different types of surfaces including wet and dry to ensure skid free ride. You can find this style in these colors: Khaki/ Navy, Oyster/ Khaki and White.


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I bought these boots about 3+ years ago, and I can honestly say it was one of the best outdoor investments I have ever made. I constantly had issues with getting blisters even from short hikes in all the other shoes I have tried. These ones fit perfectly and with added Superfeet insoles I have managed to hike all across San Diego with not one blister. They always keep my feet warm even while hiking in the snow and after I water proofed them I can walk through streams without an issue. I will continue to always buy these boots and will recommend them to anyone looking for a good all around hiking boot.


I bought these this summer, after wearing out my Asolo's. They were so comfortable, I didn't even know I had hiking boots on. I always got pain in the ball of my foot at the end of a hike with the Asolo's, but the Lowa Renegade, I could forget I still had them on. At the suggestion of REI's service reps, I ordered two pairs of boots to try, with the intention of returning both or one, depending on how they felt after hiking. I never even tried the other ones I ordered (Vasque) because the Lowa Renegade was so comfortable. The Vasque's hurt just having them on! Love the Lowa's. Now I know what it's like to hike for hours and not have sore feet. Would recommend to anyone to order more than one pair and try them out. Easy return, as long as you can get to a store sometime in the next year. Or you can pay the postage to mail them back.


This is my second pair of Lowa Renegades - my first pair lasted for years, this year when I needed to replace them I didn't want to spend $225 so I spent a lot of time looking at the other offers out there. Based on what I saw, I ended up with another pair of the Lowa Renegades. They are comfortable from the first time you wear them, they will go through mud, snow and water always keeping you feet dry. After years of wear, they will still look like they did the day you bought them. The exterior quality is superior. If you are looking for great quality product that you will get years of use from, spend the money, you won't regret it!


Gore-tex is missing from bottom of boot (look under the insoles). I'm sure they rely on the structural integrity of the boot to keep water out of that area, however: I had a pair of boots built like this from a different company. The boots lasted less than a year before both of them started leaking. No hard trails either; just indoors on carpet (I've got plantar fasciitis bad and barefoot is heck on my feet) most of the time. It was a reliable company so I was surprised to find this same lackadaisical construction technique in these high-end boots. Furthermore, the stitching that linked the gore-tex to the whatever-it-was that was in the very bottom of the boot was only partially seam-sealed with some sort of silicone-like substance. As in, it was entirely absent from parts of the seam in both boots. Does not inspire confidence. Toe box is a little narrow and I could not adjust the laces to keep a few of my toes from touching the front of the toe box. I always order exact same size in any hiking boot, never had to order a wide or narrow width; this is the first boot where my toes ever touched anything up front. Stiff in the shank, like it should be for a boot that costs this much, but it felt like the sole under the ball and toes was a little thin - so if you like feeling your terrain, this will probably work for you. Note also the relatively light weight of this boot - it's about as stiff as you can get for a boot this light. Otherwise comfortable. But due to aforementioned issues I will have to return them.


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